ETFE Film for Solar Cells

  • Photovoltaic front sheet and back sheet material for rigid and flexible solar cells.
  • Protective film for solar photovoltaic panels and solar collectors.
  • ETFE Film has good weatherability and little loss of optical transparency over extended life.
  • Good tear strength and high flexibility, so it will not tear easily even if scratched.

SolAirtech® SA-2200

is a low cost, high performance, self cleaning frontsheet film to replace glass in thin film, flexible PV modules. Our film allows your modules to offer high efficiency, lightweight capabilities for portability in military and recreational field applications. Also used in lightweight rigid modules SA-2200 helps to reduce roof loads, transportation costs and improves ease of installation due to the lower module weight. These features allow users of SA-2200 to lower costs and enhance performance of installed solar systems in residential, military and industrial applications.

SolAirtech® SA-2157

is also a high performance film used as a component in backsheet laminations. Combine this with our SP-2930 vacuum lamination blanket and you will have a solid low cost, high performing package of products for PV module manufacturers of all types.​

Quality & Environmental Management Systems: Airtech maintains quality and environmental management systems in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 / AS9100 Rev. D.